Short-term rental management

For homeowners who want to earn more from their property and don't have time to take care of all the complex tasks required

Short-term rental management

For homeowners who want to earn more from their property and don't have time to take care of all the complex tasks required

More Earnings

By renting your home for short periods to tourists and those who choose to work remotely you can earn more than traditional rent and get paid in advance

More free time

Our short-term rental agency offers a complete service that allows you to earn with your property while you can enjoy your free time and your passions

Fewer thoughts

We are aimed at those who do not want to be bound by the classic lease agreements. We study with you the solutions that best suit your needs. Thanks to short-term rentals you will 100% avoid arrears.

Earn up to 7x more with yours
house, apartment or room

A team of professionals at the service of the owners!

We have a single mission : to rent your house, your apartment or even a simple room to tourists, students and workers!

Founded during the full pandemic period of 2020, AI RENT is an agency that deals with short and medium-term rentals, managing the entire rental process:

… from the creation of advertisements to the management of contracts, from furniture consultancy to payments, through cleaning, maintenance and offering the best possible welcome experience. With AI RENT you can transform your property and become a Host in a completely simple way and without lifting a finger.

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Different management formulas


We offer you a short-term rental management service that includes profile creation, maximizing visibility and night sales, communications with guests, bureaucratic assistance and all operational services such as welcoming guests, cleaning. , the laundry room and much more …


Let’s work together to grow your property’s bookings! We increase visibility on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, VRBO, Expedia and our proprietary platforms and manage communications with your guests quickly and effectively; we find the best pricing strategy, modifying it according to the demand of the moment.

You will have your property working for you and not the other way around


The short rent on average quintuples the income compared to the classic rental


Each guest is selected and all payments will be certain and fast


You will always have access to your home when you need it


You do not have to incur any costs or investments with us


You will never risk having arrears or delinquent tenants


Cleaning at the end of each stay plus the necessary extras

How does it all start?

Inspection - Virtual Tour Scanning - Photo Shooting

The inspection phase is fundamental for us. We do it primarily for you. We check the entire property to check its status and take notes on possible improvements to optimize the results both in terms of value (feasible prices) and in terms of efficiency and hospitality. You will have our support during the possible operational phases until we make sure that the structure is 100% ready. Then we carry out the photo shoot and scan to create the virtual tour and promotional videos.

Publication of the announcement

We not only operate on Airbnb, Booking (the most well-known platforms) but we integrate on other Tourist platforms. What you usually do not find in this sector is those who really know how to do online Marketing and Advertising by exploiting its full potential. In fact, with our web systems and our digital marketing capabilities we will push your accommodation internationally even with paid advertisements on channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and more …

The first reservations arrive

We will not be in contact only by phone but you will have your entire dedicated area (our Owners Area) where you can check everything that is happening in your structure (Real-time booking calendar, Reports and important updates). With us you can have control of everything from the comfort of your sofa and you can contact your consultant 24h / 7 days.

Receive payment directly to your bank account

The only effort you will have to make is to count your earnings and enjoy your life and personal commitments. Thanks to the innovative management and our standards we can be very dynamic and we can manage the payments as you prefer, without any problem.



on the value of bookings

Competition study

Initial check up of the property

Photo Shooting and Scanning for Interactive Virtual Tour

Creation and optimization of ads on 2 or + portals

Ad design and hosting of the Virtual Tour on one of our websites

Advertising on Google and the Social Networks necessary to find the ideal customers for your accommodation

Check-in and Check-out

Management of communications and messages with guests

Consultancy for bureaucratic formalities

Cleaning, sanitation, linen change and washing between bookings (All Inclusive with + 4% commissions)

Tourist and Information Materials

Simply Card and package deals for guests who can take advantage of detailed discounts on services in the area

Dynamic Price Optimization

“Owners Area” Calendars and Reports shared with you which you can access in just one click

Assistance h24



Competition study

Initial check up of the property

Photo Shooting and Scanning for Interactive Virtual Tour

Creation and optimization of ads on Airbnb and Booking

Management of communications and messages with guests

Dynamic Price Optimization

Calendar shared with the owner

Why you should rely on us
and not to "traditional" Improvised managers?

Why should you rely on us and not on improvised "traditional" managers?


Our work is dictated by operating standards and the complete technological support that simplifies the passage of information between us PM and you owner.


The others convince you that there is a season more important than the other, we do Marketing and advertising 365 g / year without waiting for thanks from third-party platforms


We are able to manage the publication of announcements and the control of functional communications with Guests and potential Guests at a wide range thanks to the support of a management software created specifically for this sector.


The others think about presenting a little Prosecco and a few surprises, we deliver to guests totally customized magazines and brochures, we offer the Simply Card program and we allow the purchase and direct online booking of various tourist services (such as adventure parks, visits and more)


Thanks to costly investments borne by us, we install latest generation home automation and (non-invasive) sensors that allow us to have a continuous control of the house even remotely directly from our operations center.


Alas, not everyone can afford our service, we choose owners who can rely on us: we do not work on quantity, we do not operate on too large territories, we are the first to invest together with you (what we basically invest in your structure is 200 euros / month every month)

Only for Home Automation and Owners Management

WE INVEST 200 euros / month in your structure and for your peace of mind

A little taste of the Owners Portal

Frequent questions

Renting your apartment for short periods allows you to have greater flexibility and decide to change the intended use when you prefer. Furthermore, the formula is safer, as each payment is paid in advance and does not risk the tenant’s arrears. Finally, on average, renting your apartment for short periods allows you to earn more than a classic rental.

One of the great advantages of managing Ai Rent is that you do not lose the availability of your apartment! At any time you can check the booking calendar and, if the apartment is free, have your home without problems.

There is no single answer for this question.
We know the market and we know that it is important to make your apartment stand out by making people notice your home and choose it to stay in.
Based on an initial analysis, which takes into account the characteristics of the house and its proximity to places of interest, we will set the price of your apartment and then dynamically change it and constantly optimize it based on the season and the events that take place in your city.

By choosing AI RENT “Complete Management” you will not have to worry about cleaning and linen in your apartment!
Our staff does the cleaning at the end of the guests’ stay and takes care of providing your home with a set of clean towels and bed linen for the next booking!

Usually 12 months … but the type of agreement can always be canceled with a minimum of 1 month’s notice

If you do not find an answer you can write to us for assistance at the email or click a button on this page to speak directly with one of our expert consultants.


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